My Work (so far)


Color Mage, 2012, Loconeal Publishing

Sword of Jashan, 2013, Loconeal Publishing

Black Tide and Sword of Jashan (Color Mage books), 2019, re-issued by Hydra Publications

Taylenor, 2019, Hydra Publications

Short Stories:

“Retirees in Space”, 2013, Locothology 2013, Loconeal Publishing

“The Summer of Growing Up”, 2014:

  •  For the Road Anthology, Columbus Creative Cooperative, 2014
  •  Mirror Dance Fantasy (Autumn 2017, reprint)

“Daughter of the Righ”, Lorelei Signal (Jan-March 2017 issue, reprint)

“As If the Universe Listened”, Strange Fictions Zine, January 18, 2018

“City of the Dead”, Gathering Storm Magazine, March 2018

“The Stories on their Faces”, Bards and Sages Quarterly, April 2018

“Bradzar and the Dragon”, “Honorable Mention” — Allegory Magazine, Fall/Winter 2020 issue

  • (Bradzar and the Dragon published on my blog and WattPad)

“The Sorceress Maiz”, Blood on the Blade Anthology, Flinch Books, November 2021

“Family Curse”, Dark Recesses Press webzine, April 2022

“Nightmare”, Sleepless Decompositions (NoSleep Podcast), June 12, 2022

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