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Snow Day February 2019 (image)

Here’s an evergreen tree, holding the snow in little cups. This is usually a scraggly tree, but it’s beautiful today.


Springfield Book Fair Author Info

Here’s the blog post from Hen House Publishing, with info about yours truly for the Springfield Ohio Book Fair! Several other authors are attending this Feb 10 event, and their info is available at the Hen House site as well. Links are below:

Anne Marie Lutz at the Springfield, Ohio Book Fair

Authors at the Springfield Ohio Book Fair

Turning Toward the Sun

Cleveland ConCoction 2019

I’ll be participating in this year’s Cleveland ConCoction convention, held March 1-3 in Aurora, Ohio.

This will be the 6th year of the convention, and my third time attending. The fan-run convention has some of everything — including science fiction, gaming, cosplay and a vendors room. It also has my favorite thing, Authors’ Alley, which includes panels, workshops, and readings — list of attending authors is here.

Here’s a link to the convention website, with info about guests and activities. When I know my panel schedule, I’ll post it here.

Green Book: My Thoughts

I have a soft spot for this kind of movie — movies about people who wouldn’t be expected to form a bond and who nevertheless do. I liked The Intouchables (2011) for much the same reason.

Two fantastic actors make Green Book work. Mahershala Ali is the musical genius Dr Don Shirley, an African-American classical and jazz pianist. Viggo Mortensen plays brash, vulgar “Tony Lip” Vallelonga, a New York bouncer looking for a job after his nightclub is temporarily closed.

We see the racism of the 1960s through the eyes of these two individuals.

Tony is a racist character, as insular as they come in his Italian-American enclave in New York, living in the same neighborhood as all his extended family. Before meeting Don, he goes so far as to throw away the glasses two black repairmen drank lemonade from. I had a little trouble believing Tony was so naïve about what Don would have to face in his tour through the Deep South, especially since racism existed all around him.

As for Don, he is shown as a brilliant, lonely, highly educated man who chooses to face the dangers of the Deep South as a matter of principle. But he was a musical prodigy, and it was difficult to believe he’d never heard the music of Little Richard, Aretha Franklin and others.

The two characters form a bond through two months of the southern tour. There were a few scenes that made me wince — the fried chicken scene, for example. But watching these two completely different people connect was rewarding.

Obviously there are a lot of instances of racism in the movie – that’s the point. I found it telling that the people who hosted Don in their estates and concert venues as a mark of their sophistication, were the same people who refused to let him use the nearby restroom, eat at their restaurants or stay at their hotels. The movie’s title refers to the real Green Book, which listed hotels and restaurants that would accept black travelers.

This isn’t a movie about saving the world, and it isn’t perfect.  Racism wasn’t “fixed” when the story was over. It’s simply a story about two individual characters, seeing humanity in each other, and growing a little. I like that.

The movie has won several award nominations — and won three Golden Globe awards — but also drawn criticism for how it handled the divisive issue of racism. Here’s some more info about the movie, including some criticisms:

From the Smithsonian:

From the Washington Post:

From Vulture:

New Book News!

I’m happy to say that I have book news!

Hydra Publications will be publishing my new fantasy novel, Taylenor, this spring. The new book is a stand-alone novel, not related to my Color Mage books.

In the new novel the Mage Defender rules by stealing the magic — and the lives — of children. Jaena gives up everything in a race to save them.

More updates coming soon!

(Featured image photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash)

Springfield Ohio Book Fair

The webpage for this event says, “Come for the books, stay for the beer!” Which sounds great to me.

I’ll be one of several authors at the Springfield Book Fair on February 10 in Springfield, Ohio. The event is sponsored by Hen House Publishing, and it’s held at Mother Stewart’s Brewing Company. I’ve never been there but I’m looking forward to both the books and the beer.

The event runs from noon to 7 pm. Here’s a link to the webpage, with location info and a list of attending authors.

Last Minute Market 2018

Happy Holidays! Need a gift for an adult reader who loves fantasy? My Color Mage books are character-driven fantasy, about a mage who struggles not to use the dangerous power that he knows will ultimately corrupt him. I’ll be selling and signing both Color Mage novels at the Artists of the Rust Belt Last Minute Market in Youngstown on December 15 and 16.

I’ll also have recent issues of Gathering Storm Magazine, Bards and Sages Quarterly and the wonderful pirate-themed Locothology 2013, all of which include a story by me.

Come check out this event if you are in the area! It’s held in the beautiful old B&O Station in Youngstown. There will be lots of other vendors there and they usually have food and beer as well.

Cyber Monday Book Sale!

Need some good reading to relax a little during the hectic holiday season? My publisher, Hydra Publications, is running a Cyber Monday book sale. It’s a multi-genre sale with mystery, thriller, romance, science fiction and many more — including Color Mage and Sword of Jashan — for only 99 cents each.

The Kindle sale runs from November 25-27 only!

If you’ve been wanting to check out my fantasy novels, now is a great time. Color Mage and Sword of Jashan follow Callo and Kirian as they flee the wrath of a Collared Lord — into the hands of the feared psychic mages of an enemy island. Meanwhile Callo must discover how to use his dangerous mage power without endangering all those around him. It’s a great read for adult fantasy readers.

Here’s a link to Hydra’s page, showing all the novels included in the sale. Enjoy!

Author Page!

I have a new Facebook author page. There’s not much on it yet — it was just created this last weekend — but I plan to post writing-related news and an occasional free story link there. If that sounds good, please make your way over to “Author Anne Marie Lutz” and give me a “like” and a “follow”. As always, thank you!