Anne Marie Lutz — Photo by Jim Rinaldi

Anne Marie Lutz is an author of fantasy novels and short stories. Her newest novel, Taylenor, will be released in 2019 through Hydra Publications.

Anne Marie was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. She received a degree in journalism from The Ohio State University, and then an MBA a few years later.  She has worked as an office manager and an operations analyst.  She lives in central Ohio with her husband.

Anne Marie has loved science fiction and fantasy since she was a child. She started with the classics – Bradbury, Heinlein, McCaffrey and many more. She especially loves the amazing variety of fantasy, and that’s what she usually writes.

Anne Marie says walking is the best thing she does for her writing – she even wrote a blog post about it, here. She loves to travel when she has the chance, and likes cooking when she doesn’t have to.

Her first two novels are sword-and-sorcery novels for older teens and adults. Color Mage and Sword of Jashan were published in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Her new novel, Taylenor, is a stand-alone fantasy that will be released in 2019. You can find a list of her published stories on the My Work (So Far) page.

Here is a recent blog interview with Lorna Suzuki, about Anne Marie’s books and writing process.

You can find me on Twitter (@color_mage) and on my Facebook author page (Author Anne Marie Lutz). If you want to contact me directly, please message me or complete the form below.


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