New Story: “Nightmare”

I’m excited to share that my short story “Nightmare” is live on the NoSleep Podcast’s Sleepless Decompositions feature today. Check out my story and the NoSleep Podcast’s other frightening offerings as they prepare to begin their Season 18 of great stories.

Here’s a link directly to Sleepless Decompositions Volume 9.

Warning, the podcast is for mature audiences only. Stories contain graphic content!

Authors at the Loft Podcast

Here is a link to, which has short featured podcasts from the authors who attended the recent event at the Book Loft in German Village. Mine is about 5 minutes long. I discuss a little about Color Mage (soon to be retitled Black Tide) and Sword of Jashan. The other podcasts are interesting, too — check them out if you have a chance!