Kirkus Review of Taylenor

“Jaena’s palpable sense of duty toward Wiel is a much more intriguing story thread than the catastrophes that serve as a call to adventure in many fantasy novels.” — Kirkus Reviews

A short review of Taylenor was just published on  Here’s a link to the full review.

New Review for Taylenor

Taylenor’s ability to create a magical world, infuse it with the strong personality of protagonist Jaena, and draw readers into a series of disastrous realizations that lead the formerly faithful Jaena to question everything (“The sky spun. Her whole world was not what she thought it had been, and her part in it was far different from what she had thought.”) lends to an evocative tale that is nearly impossible to put down, once begun.” — D. Donovan, senior reviewer at Midwest Book Review.

I’m happy to post this link to the rest of this review  of Taylenor from Diane Donovan. The review is on her website. Link to the book on Amazon is in the review, and also on the Taylenor page on my blog.