Interview on New Books Network

I’m happy to share a link to this month’s fantasy channel podcast at New Books Network! I was interviewed by the host, Gabrielle Mathieu, about Taylenor, and the interview is currently available here!

Gabrielle interviewed me about Jaena, the main character who is a Priest of her goddess, Imn-ashu, and about what Imn-ashu — and Jaena — stand for in their world. We talked about Mage Herrein, the Mage Defender, who steals the power of children to feed his own. And about some of Jaena’s companions on her desperate quest to save a life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. There is a new author podcast available every month as Gabrielle interviews authors of new fantasy releases.

Taylenor is available in ebook or paperback editions.

“When Magic Betrays” Interview

I was happy to do an interview with author Wayne Turmel on his blog. I really enjoyed answering his questions about Taylenor, my main character Jaena, and some of my favorite books. Here’s the link to the interview on his blog. 

Wayne is also an author. He writes historical fiction and is now branching out into urban fantasy with his upcoming novel.