Author Anne Marie Lutz

Color Mage

Color Mage is set in a world where Collared Lords have absolute power in their fiefs, at the same time as they are magically enslaved by the King to force them to protect the land.

Lord Callo, bastard son of the King’s sister, leaves his holdings in the midst of the contempt of his friends. He joins Healer Kirian as she flees for her life from the anger of a Collared Lord. Together they journey to Ha’las — an enemy island ruled by the feared and despised psychic mages known as ku’an.

There, Callo learns of his heritage — and finds that great power is his birthright. All he has to do is sacrifice everything he has ever stood for.

Can he keep Kirian safe in a land where women are kept hidden and restricted? Can he even protect her from his own dangerous magery? And why are the Kings of two nations seeking to use him to further their own political ends?

From Goodreads reviews:

“Creates a fascinating world.”

“Mighty adventurous and perfectly written.”

From Amazon reviews:

“Her characters live and breathe.”

You can purchase Color Mage at Amazon here. Or at Barnes and Noble, here.

*Dramatic cover art for Color Mage is by illustrator Neal Seamus.



  1. Connie

    Congrats! We’ll have to set up a book signing at The Mustard Seed.

  2. Marie

    Curious if Ku’an and mages are words of your own creation. But of course I could look it up in a dictionary, but that would be no fun for us ;>

  3. Marie

    Your book cover is intriguingand fantasy grabber

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