Street Art in Portland’s Alberta Arts District

Not very many words in this post — just pictures of awesome street murals in Portland, Oregon’s Alberta Arts District. We visited there last week and were fortunate enough to escape the rain. I’m going to attempt to credit the artists correctly if I can find the info online. There’s a lot more street art in Portland if you ever visit, and even a map online through Portland Street Art Alliance. Enjoy!

Mural by Pablo Gonzalez
“Six Strong”, by Michelle McCausey, Darci Johnson, Una Kim, Corie Hinton, Heidi Elise Wirz, Lucid Rose
Forest for the Trees mural by Mateu Velasco

To Oregon with Love, Blaine Fontana
“Machine”, by Tom Cramer

The Art of Burning Man, Cincinnati Exhibit

Here are just a few images from the Cincinnati Art Museum yesterday. The exhibit is called No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man. It’s spread out through galleries in different sections of the museum, so it’s interspersed with the regular collection. I thought this turned out really well.

My favorite was an installation called “Gamelatron Bidadari” by Aaron Taylor Kuffner. I couldn’t do it justice with a photo, since the sound is an essential part of the experience. It’s a peaceful, lovely piece — if you go, be sure to find this one!

One part of “Deep Thought” by HYBYCOZO
One part of “Deep Thought” by HYBYCOZO
Thorax, Ambassador of the Insects by Tyler FuQua (Awesome tights, by the way, Thorax!)
Tin Pan Dragon by Duane Flatmo (head)
Tin Pan Dragon by Duane Flatmo

A Beautiful Sunday at Authors at the Loft

After days of rain and severe storms, the weather turned out to be great on Sunday for Authors at the Loft at the Book Loft in German Village. I was fortunate enough to meet some new local authors and readers. Here are a couple of images taken by author Lasondra Burks.

Poet Betty Bleen and myself at the Book Loft on Sunday


Author Glo Redding and myself at the Book Loft


My Favorites at LACMA

I love art museums. In the Los Angeles area, I’ve been to the Getty Center and the beautiful Getty Villa, the Norton Simon Museum, the Huntington Library Art Collection, the Bergamot Station arts complex and more. This time I visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). We only made it through a small section of the museum, but I found some personal favorites.

Of course everyone who visits takes pictures of “Urban Light” by Chris Burden. Here are some of the 202 street lights that make up the installation. They turn on at dusk, but they’re still wonderful during the day.


Here is a beautiful Archangel Raphael from 17th century Naples:

And some pop art by Idelle Weber, a fun piece called “Jump Rope”.

More pop art, a fun wooden sculpture by Joel Shapiro called “Dancing Man”. I also like “A Lawn Being Sprinkled” by David Hockney behind the dancing man.

My sister particularly liked this one. It’s called “Balloon Monkey (Orange)” by Jeff Koons, and it’s located outside the Ahmanson Building at LACMA. It sits in a reflecting pool, apparently at least partly to keep people from touching it. (I’ve linked an article below about the reflecting pool.)


Here’s a little more info about some of the pieces and artists above:

Everything You Didn’t Know about Urban Light, from the LA Times

Idelle Weber, “Jump Rope” from LACMA UnFramed

David Hockney (painter of “A Lawn Being Sprinkled”)

Koons Monkey Business at LACMA

The Monkey Gets a Moat

The LACMA Website