Book Lovers’ Day Sale

Today is National Book Lovers’ Day. Celebrated every year on August 9, today is all about books.

We all have beloved books that have entertained us or had an impact in our lives. But today is about trying something new!

In honor of that, the ebook editions of all three of my fantasy novels are on sale today on Amazon. Black Tide (Color Mage Book One), Sword of Jashan (Color Mage Book Two), and the standalone fantasy novel Taylenor are all on sale. Click the title above to buy!

If you think you’d like a good fantasy read, give one of them a try! Otherwise, today’s a good day to choose something new — something you don’t ordinarily read. Maybe a mystery, some good nonfiction, something by an author you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten around to. Happy National Book Lovers Day!

Taylenor is a stand-alone fantasy.

4 thoughts on “Book Lovers’ Day Sale

  1. Thanks for letting us know! Goodness, I am so behind on book reviews, I’ll have to see if I A) wrote my Taylenor book Review (5 stars) and if I posted it to goodreads/amazon. I’ll try to do that tonight, and write/post it if not.

  2. I can recommend all 3 of Anne Marie’s books. I became so involved with the Color Mage books, I wanted to write another so that their lives could go on.

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