Thoughts During the Pandemic

So we had a lot of rain yesterday, and the little creek that’s near our house looked like this.

This is what many of us might be feeling like right now — during this flood of bad news, a sea of worry about the pandemic that’s striking the world.

All I can do is hope that you all stay healthy, and that your friends and family stay well. We will come through this!

Some of us might be overwhelmed right now — with schedules upended, children home, worry about elderly relatives. Some of us might have way too much to do, and no time for entertainment. Others, isolated in apartments alone, might be bored.

For those who find themselves at loose ends, remember your local merchants and indie bookstores, some of whom are delivering right now as their physical shops are closed. Others have curbside pickup. If you need entertainment, remember to check with your local bookstore.

For the others, who are overwhelmed with little time for themselves, here’s wishing you some peace and time for self-care during the crisis.

Stay healthy, all!