Goodreads Giveaway: Color Mage Set!

Fantasy readers: there is a giveaway for Color Mage and the sequel, Sword of Jashan, on Goodreads. You can enter for a chance to win one of two available signed copies! Winners will receive a set of both Color Mage books. Deadline for entries is Tuesday, December 15.

To find the giveaway and enter: you can either search for Color Mage on Goodreads and follow the link to the giveaway, or click on this link.

Color Mage (2012) is set in a world where Collared Lords have absolute power in their fiefs, even as they are magically enslaved by the King to force them to protect the land.

Lord Callo, bastard son of the King’s sister, leaves his holdings in the midst of the contempt of his friends. He joins Healer Kirian as she flees for her life from the anger of a Collared Lord. Together they journey to Ha’las — an enemy island ruled by the feared psychic mages known as ku’an. There, Callo learns of his true heritage and his dangerous magic. How will he protect those around him — even Kirian, whom he is growing to care for — from his own unpredictable power?

In Book Two: Sword of Jashan (2013), Callo’s tenuous control begins to fail. His magic threatens his sanity and the safety of all those around him. Even Kirian could be forced away by Callo’s misuse of his power. Fighting with his own abilities, Callo still resolves to protect the young heir from the intrigues of the King. And Ander himself must decide whom to trust, as he becomes the target of an assassin.

Giveaway ends Dec 15!