Author Anne Marie Lutz

A Dragon at the Tower of London

An unexpected sight in the Tower of London was this huge dragon made up of armor, weapons, coins and other items used by the several institutions of the Tower.

The Dragon, 2013

The Dragon, 2013

At first I thought the dragon was too anachronistic for the place. After all, the rest of this historic building was all stone and memories of the fist of power it must have represented to the people of medieval London:

Old walls, Tower of London

Old walls, Tower of London

Outer walls

Outer walls

But since it represents power, and uses the tools of the trades that used to be housed there, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

Turns out, according to the Royal Armouries website, way back in 1696 several installations made up of weapons and armor were on display at the Grand Storehouse in the Tower. These included an organ and a hydra. I don’t know why it always seemed to me that this kind of art was something very modern. Wish I could have seen those 17-th century displays!

More info about the dragon, and a little more about John Harris, the creator of those historical displays, at the Royal Armouries website, here.


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  1. The actual gods do nothing till they have blinded the minds from the incredible.

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