Author Anne Marie Lutz

National Road Craft Show

It was a fairly windy day at the National Road Craft show. Two tents blew over, so I was glad we had these weights keeping our canopy down.

Anti-wind tent weights :)

Anti-wind tent weights 🙂

The severe weather forecasted for this afternoon held off. Instead, it was a beautiful breezy day, just cool enough to enjoy walking around. Even if we had to grab for our signs and lighter items every now and then when the wind gusted.



Abbey Gift Shop, in the former Catholic Church

Abbey Gift Shop, in the former Catholic Church

Today’s event was the Route 40 craft show at the Abbey Gift Shop in West Jefferson. It is held in conjunction with the National Road Garage Sale, which stretches across several states. Some people drive along historic Route 40, the National Road, going from garage sale to garage sale and checking out the towns they drive through along the way. According to Wikipedia, the sale stretches from St Louis, MO to Baltimore, MD the first Wednesday through Sunday of every June.

The National Road was the first federally funded improved highway in the United States. It was used by many settlers to head west.

I’ll be selling Color Mage there again tomorrow, Sunday June 2, from 10 am to 4 pm. (Weather permitting, I suppose.)

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