The Collared Lords of Righar

A little more about the world of Color Mage:

The Collared Lords are a dangerous force in Righar, and fierce adversaries. Who are they?

Color Mage

The Collared Lords are Righar’s defense against magical attack. They are bound into servitude, but also wielders of great power and privilege.

The Collared Lords are the feudal lords of the land. They have great, hereditary mage power that is honed by intensive training.

The righ (nobility of Righar) believe it is the ultimate honor, and the ultimate privilege to be Collared by the King. It is a great sacrifice — the Collared Lord is bound to his fief, on eternal Watch against magical danger. He gives up his freedom so he can fulfill his duty.

In return, the Collared Lord has incredible power within his land. He is feared and sometimes hated, but never disobeyed. He is above the law, and taught from childhood that it is his right to claim what he wants. Collared Lords are not known for their altruism. They are owed for their service, and they take what they will.

As Healer Ruthan says in Color Mage: “Mikati is a Collared Lord, Kirian. The only ruler in Seagard Province. Even the King won’t thwart him.”