I attended Millennicon last weekend in Cincinnati. Millennicon is a sci fi convention run by Miami Valley Fandom for Literacy. It was my first time there and I found it a friendly place where it was easy to talk to other writers, fans and guests. That’s a plus — it’s the main reason writers go to such things, as a place to get in touch with other writers and readers.

Also, there was this in the hotel lobby:

Tardis in the lobby at Millennicon 2013
Tardis in the lobby at Millennicon 2013

I attended some panels — the one I most enjoyed was one on Short Story Snafus. Since I’m currently struggling through writing a short story based in the Color Mage world, it was entertaining and useful to hear what established authors like Mike Resnick and Eric Flint had to say on the subject.

Also, for the first time I participated in a reading of my own work, in the Broad Universe reading along with several other authors. I’ll be doing this again — actually in two weeks, at MARCON, where I’m also slated to participate in two panels. So I got my feet wet here at Millennicon, so to speak. A very supportive experience!