Review of Color Mage

Denise Verrico, author of the Immortyl Revolution series, has reviewed my novel, Color Mage. The review was posted back in October on her blog, here. (I am very slow putting it up here!) Here is the text of the review:

“Color Mage creates a fascinating world, where lords of magic are “collared” and enslaved to their king.  The story centers on a young man of noble blood, but illegitimate birth, named Callo, and a young woman, just out of the healers’ college, named Kirian.  They are swept up in intrigues and forced to flee their country for even more dangerous environs.  With the aid of Kirian and his faithful servant, Chiss, Callo struggles with the magic that is part of his heritage, but has not yet learned to control.  This potential power causes Callo to be both feared and a sought-after commodity.
“Ms. Lutz’s prose is beautifully written, easy to read and her characters live and breathe.  The multi-layered world provides a rich background for the characters to act upon and the magic is interesting and unusual.  The different cultures in the book are well thought out, adding to the complexity of the world and the story.

“I enjoyed the way that the main players interacted, the conflicts they faced and the growth of Callo and  Kirian’s relationship throughout the novel.  Lutz’s work displays a mature understanding of human nature that is satisfying to the reader hungry for strong inner conflicts and a story that is more than just a good adventure–which the author also ably supplies.

“Adult and teen fantasy readers will enjoy this book.  I’m looking forward to the second in the series.”

—- reposted with permission from Denise Verrico’s blog