Why I Love Fall in Ohio

On Sunday I made a side trip to Mill Creek Park in Youngstown. Mill Creek Park is Youngstown’s treasure, a huge park that has everything from lakes and rocky trails to a rose garden and Lanterman’s Mill. It was the best place in the world for a kid to bicycle and hike and hang around in when I was young.

The leaves have just started changing color at Lake Newport.

Lake Newport, early October

I also took a brief walk over the bridge towards the hike/bike trail. I think this area is at its best in the autumn.

Bridge over Mill Creek
Mill Creek near the golf course, early October

Over the creek is an improved trail for hiking and bicycling. There are a lot of black squirrels in this area — an animal we never see at home. These woods remind me of a Robert Frost poem.

Makes you want to get lost in the woods, doesn’t it? It was even nicer that there was almost no one else there — I suppose they were frightened away by the early cold temperatures.

Inspired by two cold nights in a row — in the 30s — I decided to get some more fall pictures at Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park, near Columbus. The leaves aren’t quite as far along here — most everything is still green and yellow — but there are exceptions:

Early October leaves at Battelle Darby Metro Park
Don’t know what these are — they’re probably poisonous — but they look beautiful.
Leaves along the Indian Ridge Trail

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