Context 25

I am just getting back to normal life after a busy, amazing weekend at the Context Convention in Columbus. I’ve been attending this convention for years, meeting people and learning about writing speculative fiction — but this year was different, because of this:

“Color Mage” on the Loconeal Publishing table at Context

Saturday night at Context, three of us in our critique group had a release party for our newly published books. Gary Wedlund and I have new books with Loconeal Publishing, and Loconeal also has a new anthology. Denise Verrico joined us for the party to celebrate her new novel, Servant of the Goddess.

I actually got to take in some panels as well. “When Fantasy Becomes SF and SF Becomes Fantasy” discussed the elements of SF and fantasy and the occasional blurring of the lines between. Then there was an intriguing panel on “Fun Diseases for your Characters”. It’s true —  a physical illness or condition changes everything for real people and for characters in novels as well. I found out about some really odd ones here, though I wasn’t eager to look at the images of them on the laptop.

In honor of Context, there was a full moon. My attempt to take a picture of it from the hotel parking lot with my iPad has it looking a lot more like a hyperspace window than a full moon in a cloudy sky. I like that thought a lot more.

“Hyperspace window” opening in the night sky over Context