Autumn is for starting over

I was greeted by this sight in my backyard last week.

It’s just a few leaves, turned early, maybe because of the drought we’ve been experiencing. What these few leaves mean to me is — anticipation.

I think many people associate Spring with new beginnings. Others do the same with New Year’s Day — why else all the New Year’s resolutions, as the old year’s last calendar page flutters away and the year ahead is blank on every page?

But for me, the time for new beginnings is autumn.

It probably began when I was a child, and autumn meant school. Or my college years, when it meant new social opportunities, a new apartment perhaps, another chance. But it never stopped. Throughout my adult life, changes have happened in the fall. This fall my first novel will be published, another milestone.

What autumn means is change, new worlds opening up before us, no matter how old we are.

Gone are the hot days of summer when everything seems the same from day to day. Autumn brings variable weather, dramatic beauty, the smell of wood smoke and apples. Schedules change. There’s no more time for sitting around in the shade.

A voice inside says, get up! Start moving! Look at everything there is to do.

That is the gift of autumn. And the best part is those few little leaves, hinting that it’s here — the best time of the year.

One thought on “Autumn is for starting over

  1. Autumn has always been my favorite season. Miss raking leaves and jumping in them.

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