The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This movie was about old people, but it could have been about any of us.

Yes, these characters were uniquely adrift — our world doesn’t treat the elderly well. They faced special challenges because they were not beautiful, young and economically productive.

But I’m not sure many younger people would deal with enforced change any differently from the characters in the movie. Though there was an added bittersweet quality because the time left to these characters is short.

Overall — the movie was perfect for a couple  of hours of escapism on a hot day. The cast, of course, was amazing. The plot was predictable, yet very moving in some places. The movie tried to cover a little too much, I think — it’s hard to tell so many separate stories in two hours. As a result, the storytelling lacked complexity.

The movie was also a love song to India, which transformed every character it touched in some way.

Here’s more information about the movie at Rotten Tomatoes.